Facebook to make political ads more transparent

The social media giant is taking measures to identify political advertising.


After Russian-backed groups were alleged to have used social media ads to encroach on the US election, Facebook announced steps political advertisers have to face to verify their identities.

Besides their identity, their location will also be shown, and posts will have a tag that says “paid for by”. Rob Goldman, Facebook’s vice president of ads, said: “When it comes to advertising on Facebook,┬ápeople should be able to tell who the advertiser is and see the ads they’re running, especially for political ads.”

Goldman explained that when users click “paid for by”, they would see details about the advertiser. Facebook will also link ads to a page, allowing users to view the ads that a certain page is running.

The tests for these new measures will start in Canada and the goal is to have systems in place by November 2018 before the US midterm elections. Twitter also announced transparency measures by having labels for ads related to the elections and the groups or brands behind who fund these ads.

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