BBC launches website to help children avoid online threats

A new website powered by the BBC aims to help children “minimise risks” in the digital world.

© Lucelia Riberio at Flickr

Particularly made for children from age nine to 12, the new website by the BBC called Own It is part of the organisation’s investment in children programmes for the next three years.

Director-general of the BBC, Tony Hall, said that BBC’s intervention would “maximise the amazing opportunities for children growing up in a fully connected world – but we must also take steps to minimise the risks”.

The website will include partnerships with internet safety groups. It will also gather a team of expert advisors and academics who will make sure the accuracy and effectiveness of the website.

Hall said in a statement: “Is there a right age for children to give informed consent for their data to be used online? What responsibility should organisations have to make sure their platform is right for the age range that are really using it?”

Own It will cover online privacy, avoiding malware, and also ways and advises that children can use when dealing with online problems. There will also be links to charities like Childline, “a free 24-hour counselling service for children and young people.”

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