London station to become a homeless shelter on Christmas

London’s Euston station will be turned into a shelter for the homeless this Christmas Day.

The foyer and passageway of the station will be decorated and tables will be set for a festive dinner on the 25th of December.

As reported by the BBC, 200 rough sleepers have been invited to the event where they will be served food by charity staff and rail workers.

About 30 volunteers from Network Rail will work alongside charity St Mungo’s and Streets Kitchen to provide “some festive cheer”.

Steve Naybour from Network Rail said: “Using a station to give homeless people a Christmas dinner and some festive cheer is a great thing to do. I’m proud to say we’ve had lots of interest from Network Rail colleagues to volunteer to come along on the day to help out.

“Everything, including people’s time, has been donated.”

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