Explore and Expand: 5 Websites You Should Bookmark

A list of websites to feed your curiosity and help you expand your knowledge.

by Aisiri Amin

We wake up to WhatsApp messages, scroll through Instagram when even the possibility of getting bored brushes past us. We know more about the daily lives of celebrities than our friends and have more interactions on the Facebook post comment section than in real life.

But we often forget that the web is not just social media. There are hidden treasures waiting to be explored, some things that will help you grow and not marinate in the self-inflicted existential crisis.

So, here are some websites that will help you expand your knowledge, rekindle your curiosity and give you the much-needed spark.

1. A Dictionary of Revolution


At this very moment, there is a revolution happening in some parts of the world. For some, it has become a part of their daily existence, for others, it’s their only means of survival. Whatever it may be, there is a term for anything and everything related to revolution and those are recorded by A Dictionary of Revolution.

Be it an explanation of a common term as ‘regime’ or the story of Rabaa, you will find an answer to all your questions on this website. There is a revolution going on and if it hasn’t reached you yet, believe me, it will.

2. Philosimply


Philosophy seems to have the same aura as the mysterious person roaming around college corridors. You want to know them but you have no idea how to start or where to start. Philosimply addresses that hesitancy (unfortunately only in terms of philosophy). Type any query, any idea or any line of thought and it will take you to a relevant page to further explore the topic.

For people who are just beginning to understand philosophy, this site is quite handy and for the regular curious cats, you never know in which philosophy you might find your home in.

3. Quora


A popular website, Quora brings together people with experts on different subjects. Be it advice on real estate or the chaos of a messy soul, a community comes together to answer one question. With experts helping out with their experience to amateurs pitching in with their enthusiastic answers.

Quora makes it possible to bring together a different line of thoughts on one topic and it is a great platform to engage in sensible and productive discussions.

4. Stuff You Missed in History Class


Let’s admit it, the education system is not how it should be and doesn’t teach us what we should be learning. For a history buff, Stuff You Missed in History Class is a go-to website if you want to dig deeper. Through podcasts and detailed explanation, you will learn about events from the history you are familiarised with but also whatever historical events you chose to know more about.

It is taking learning in your hand and choosing what you want to know about.

5. StumbleUpon


It’s like Tinder for nerds. Random web pages or articles are generated based on your interest and depending on whether that interests you or not, you can choose to explore it further or move on to the next page.

With thousands of pages, StumbleUpon feeds the learner in you and keeps your mind craving for more.

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