Germany allows its cities to ban diesel

The German court has ruled cities to ban polluting diesel cars.

© Garry Knight at Flickr

The latest German ruling to have drivers switch to cleaner cars or get on alternative forms of transport has been deemed a “victory for clean air”, especially since harmful emissions have been high.

This ruling came after environmental campaigners sued German cities for not doing enough to cut excessive air pollution to protect their citizens’ health.

“This ruling is a victory for clean air, and shows what’s possible when public health is the priority,” said Niklas Schinerl, clean air campaigner at Greenpeace Germany.

“Across Europe, decisions like these are making it clear that diesel cars are on the way out. It makes no sense to invest in a new diesel now because it’s only a matter of time before even the newest diesels are either banned or priced out of cities,” he added.

Schinerl also explained that diesel cars can be replaced by cleaner electric cars and urged governments to improve cycling infrastructure and sustainable transport that’s both good for the environment and for people’s health.

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