Clean energy is now mostly powering over 100 cities

Recent data shows that more than 100 cities across the globe get the majority of the total electricity supply from renewable energy.

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Data published on Tuesday by the not-for-profit environmental impact researcher CDP shows that the number of cities mostly powered by clean energy has more than doubled since 2015

According to the findings by CDP  101 of the more than 570 cities get at least 70% of their electricity from renewable sources in 2017, compared to 42 in 2015, The Guardian reported.  These include the US city of Burlington, Basel in Switzerland, and the Icelandic capital Reykjaví.

Nicolette Bartlett, CDP’s director of climate change said that the data  “comprehensive picture of what cities are doing with regards to renewable energy.”

The data also showed that 43 cities around the world are at present entirely powered by renewable energy, with the majority in Latin America.

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