Bournemouth donated dinners to the homeless during Storm Emma

More than 1,500 school meals were donated to charities in Bournemouth as schools closed due to the snow brought by Storm Emma.

The food donated included chicken and pasta meals which had already been cooked when the school closures were announced. The meals also comprised apple crumble and custard desserts and were shared between eight local charities.

Declan O’Toole, from the provider Forerunner, said: “We have to wait until the schools cancel, and carry on making the meals until they decide they’re not going to be in. We had a tonne of food which we didn’t want to waste.”

The food came at a good time for the various charities who were unsure that they were going to get any delivery due to the heavy snow.

Rory Brown from Michael House in Boscombe said: “It’s allowed us to give lunch and dinner for 24 people – our cook was over the moon.”

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