Three nations to protect world’s largest tropical wetland

The South American nations of Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay have committed to protecting the world’s largest tropical wetland.

Map showing the location of Pantanal Matogrossense National Park.

Pantanal – the world’s largest tropical wetland notched an important win on Thursday with new commitments that require the sustainable development of this 42-million-acre wetland that touches three countries.

The landmark declaration by Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay ensures that all future development of this essential landscape is balanced with the needs of wildlife and people.

According to the report by the WWF, the decision follows years of collaboration among the governments that are securing a prosperous future for one of the most biologically rich ecosystems on the planet. The World Wildlife Fund has assisted in the effort and applauded the landmark move.

More than 4,700 animal and plant species that live in this massive yet comparatively untouched biological ecosystem. Scientists predict that the Pantanal’s native vegetation will disappear by 2050 if we don’t act now to combat the trend of harmful land use.

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