3 extensive online courses to inspire you to impel positive change

Want to change the world but not sure where to start? These three Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) will give you a head start.

by Julia Migné


The boom of MOOCs in the past decade has happened at an extremely fast rate and it can be hard to know where to look when you are bombarded by so many different options from an incredible amount of prestigious universities.

From medicine to gastronomy, it seems that every possible discipline is now accessible as a MOOC online so why would changing the world not be on the menu? We’ve looked on various platforms and rounded up three great courses to boost your motivation and skills to become a driver of positive change in the world.

How to Change the World by Wesleyan University:

This Coursera course created by Wesleyan University will take you through six weeks of intense learning. From social good to climate change, the MOOC is examining the critical issues and challenges of our time to help you understand better how to initiate positive change.

A nice mix of inspiring videos and eye-opening readings, the course is not only great at showcasing and explaining issues such as global healthcare, but it is also very effective at showing what steps people can take to actually make a difference in the world.

Primarily delivered by Wesleyan professor, Michael S. Roth, this MOOC is driven by various specialists and experts such as economists, international aid workers and academics who share their experiences on topical issues. Seeing the world through their eyes gives a good overview of the multiple avenues that can lead to positive change.

If you are looking for a push to get moving, head to Coursera now and register for the next session starting in May.

Journalism for Social Change by Berkeley University:

This EdX MOOC created by the University of California, Berkeley, intends to teach you how to use solution-based journalism to drive positive social change. The course is a balanced mix of videos and readings that will teach you how to use journalism as a tool for social change while also turning you into an effective change agents yourselves.

The class is all about bringing to light both problems and solutions, as well as presenting various examples of outstanding solution-based journalism. With a strong focus on vulnerable children in the U.S., this MOOC will also allow you to explore the broad issues affecting all vulnerable people across the globe.

The course is not currently active but you can access all the videos and readings from the archive here.

#EarthOptimism2018 by Smithsonian:

This five-session workshop developed by the Smithsonian focusses on identifying conservation success stories. Currently available on EdX, this MOOC is building up momentum for Earth Day on April 22.

Part of the Smithsonian’s Earth Optimism Project, this course is meant to help change the conversation about conservation by pushing participants to share success stories of today. The Smithsonian is hosting #EarthOptimism2018, a Twitter event on April 16-21, 2018 leading right into Earth Day on April 22, 2018, as the institution wants to highlight conservation successes and to engage people across the globe in the discussion.

The MOOC will help you participate in the Twitter event by teaching you about a range of conservation stories and giving you tips on how to share them efficiently on social media, so you can be part of a community of conservation supporters. If you are already a Twitter aficionado, the course is still a great platform to learn about inspiring conservation initiatives and network with other conservation-enthusiasts.

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