Germany to limit arms sales to Saudi Arabia, Turkey and UAE

A draft bill in Germany aims to ban weapons exports to Saudi Arabia, Turkey and UAE amid fear of human rights abuses.

The bill aims to prevent weapons exports and all other related goods and services to countries that may use them for human rights abuses.

The proposed law which will ban arms exports to these Middle Eastern nations will also ban arms exports to other countries involved in military operations and regional crises.

Proposed by the social-democratic opposition party Die Linke, the bill focuses on Saudi Arabia and the UAE for their role in the war in Yemen and also singles out Turkey for its military mission in northern Syria where the country has been fighting Kurdish forces.

If the bill is approved, the law would also retroactively recall previously agreed upon deals with these countries.

But, the ban will not come cheap to Germany’s economy – Saudi Arabia has spent £870m on arms deals with the country in the last four years.

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