NYC to consider ban on plastic straws

New York City might soon join the growing environmental campaign against the use of plastic straws.


An NYC councilman introduced a bill to ban the use of plastic straws from the city of 8.5 million people to reduce the humungous environmental impact they have.

“We depend on plastic, and that is a trend we have to reverse immediately,” said city council member Rafael Espinal, at a press conference, reported The Guardian.

The proposed ban follows a failed effort by the city council to add a 5-cent fee to plastic and paper bag use. If the bill passes, cafes and restaurants or any eatery joints would not be able to offer single-use plastic straws or coffee stirrers. People who continue to do so will be fined, with the penalty starting at $100.

Plastic straws cannot be recycled which means they often end up in the already polluted oceans.

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