India scraps controversial tax on sanitary pads after protests

Activists said making sanitary pads tax free will help ensure more girls go to school during their periods.


Menstrual hygiene items were taxed at 12 per cent under India’s Goods and Services Tax which was implemented in July 2017. Campaigners have been lobbying against the tax as it is one of the biggest barriers to education for girls.

Many girls from underprivileged families are forced to stay at home during their periods if they don’t have access to affordable and clean menstrual hygiene products which in turn affects their education and job prospects, reported Reuters.

Campaigner estimated that four out of five girls and women don’t have access to sanitary pads. “This was a most-awaited and necessary step to help girls and women to stay in school, their jobs, to practise proper menstrual hygiene,” said Surbhi Singh, founder of Sachhi Saheli, a charity that raises awareness on menstrual health.

“This will help them to grow, to show their true potential,” she added.

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