The Caribbean seeks to be the world’s climate-smart zone

A historic partnership was launched to help the Carribean’s ambition to be the first ‘climate-smart zone’ in the world.


A coalition that includes 26 countries and more than 40 private and public sector partners has been created to implement solutions to climate change — from strengthening renewable energy initiatives to the development of sustainable cities.

The project, called the Caribbean Accelerator, envisions a climate-smart zone where the region will have jobs and a new economy within a climate-smart infrastructure. The Inter-American Development Bank has pledged $1 billion in funds for climate-smart investment in the Caribbean region.

Andrew Holness, Prime Minister of Jamaica, said: “Being climate-smart means putting the people of the Caribbean at the centre of all we do — to protect them from the challenges of climate change.”

“The Caribbean Accelerator will also encourage job creation, social inclusion and economic growth. These benefits will only come when Governments, the international community and the private sector work together to overcome barriers and generate the investment that will benefit us all,” he added.

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