NYU to offer free tuition for all medical students

The New York University School of Medicine has announced that it will offer free tuition for all present and future students.

Citing concerns of “overwhelming” financial debts facing graduates, the university has announced that it will cover tuition for all its students, regardless of merit or need.

The NYU said that financial worries were driving graduates away from general doctoral positions to more lucrative specialties. The scholarship covers annual tuition costs of up to £43,000.

A study produced by the Association of American Medical Colleges estimated that 75% of medical students graduated in 2017 with an average debt of £149,000.

NYU has reportedly been working for more than a decade to accrue the funds necessary to pay for tuition and the university hopes to raise enough money to make the scholarships available permanently.

In their statement, the university said debt is “fundamentally reshaping the medical profession in ways that are adversely affecting healthcare”.

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