London Fashion Week ditches fur for the first time

London is the first of the main fashion weeks to go fur-free British Fashion Council said.

NO FUR.png

The participating designers’ decision to not use fur comes after increasing number of anti-fur protesters, from 25 in 2016 to over 250 last year, at the London Fashion Week (LFW).

Caroline Rush, the British Fashion Council’s chief executive, said that the ditching of the fur “highlights a trend we have seen over the past few years, with more and more brands deciding to use alternative materials to fur”, as reported by The Guardian.

Talking to ITV News, Mother of Pearl creative Amy Powney said, “What David Attenborough just done to plastics by putting it on Blue Planet has finally opened up that conversation so I think the back ends of things are being blown off because of that sort of element of social media.”

After the first step of going fur-free, the next step is to source alternatives that are not harmful to the environment. Rachael Stott, the senior creative researcher at The Future Laboratory said, “animal-free doesn’t automatically mean guilt-free”.

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