Australia sees 80 per cent drop in plastic bag use after nationwide ban

Three months after the ban on single-use plastic bags by two of Australia’s largest supermarkets, 1.5 billion bags have been eliminated from use.


Two of Australia’s largest supermarket chains, Coles and Woolworths stopped offering single-use disposable plastic bags last summer which has resulted in the high reduction rate of the single-use item, according to the National Retail Association (NRA).

The move by these two major supermarkets have helped smaller businesses to follow suit, who otherwise would have had to face a lot of public backlash, said NRA’s David Stout.

Stout also said he is hopeful that major retailers will continue to support this change towards building a more sustainable industry and ban other single-use packaging options, reported SBS.

“For business, for the environment, for the consumer and of course even for councils which have to work to remove these things from landfills, there’s a multitude of benefits on a whole to doing this,” Stout told AAP.

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