Bangladesh orders two-month ban on fishing to save key species

In an attempt to try and boost depleted fishing stocks, the Asian nation has banned fishing off its coast for 65 days.

The Bangladeshi government told the BBC that the ban covers all types of fishing vessels and that the coast guard will enforce it from May 20, 2019.

Lasting until 23 July, the ban is timed to occur with the breeding season.

“These resources will deplete one day if we do not use them sustainably,” fisheries and livestock minister Ashraf Ali Khan Khasru was quoted as saying by the Dhaka Tribune. “We should let fish grow and breed. Otherwise, we will have to suffer in the future.”

The country has seen short-term bans on commercial fishing in the past but this is the first time that all fishing boats, including local fishermen, have been banned for such a long period.

The government says that fishing will now be banned between 20 May and 23 July every year.

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