Companies pool money to spot deep fake videos

Tech giants Facebook, Microsoft and several UK and US universities are funding this research project.

Facebook and Microsoft as well as universities in the UK and the US are contributing $10 million to fund research to help detect deep fakes videos.

Deep fakes are clips that make use of AI that could make people do things or say statements that they didn’t do or say. As these are often used on celebrities or politicians, it is feared that these fake actions or statements can influence or manipulate the public.

“The goal of the challenge is to produce technology that everyone can use to better detect when AI has been used to alter a video in order to mislead the viewer,” wrote Mike Schroepfer, chief technical officer at Facebook, in a blog outlining the project.

On the post, he also wrote: “The Deepfake Detection Challenge will include a data set and leaderboard, as well as grants and awards, to spur the industry to create new ways of detecting and preventing media manipulated via AI from being used to mislead others.”

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