Instagram launches anti-bullying feature

The social media platform tackles cyberbullying through a new feature.

Restrict, a new anti-bullying feature of Instagram will allow users to control the actions of a bully.

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, said that the block feature is just not enough anymore. According to their research, a majority of teenagers said that when they block a bully online, it tends to aggravate the situation both online and in real life.

“Most of it seems to happen between people who know each other in real life … and teenagers are often reluctant to report or block their peers who bully them online,” Mosseri said in an interview with NPR.

Once a user restricts a bully, comments will need to be approved by the user. This gives the agency to the user, letting the user decide whether or not he or she wants to let this comment be seen by other people. Messages from a bully will also be under a separate inbox, so the user can choose to read it or not.

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