Pharmac offers no-cost contraceptives for New Zealand’s women

The medicinal giant will fully fund contraceptives Mirena and Jaydess from November 1.

A bronze cast of a real IUD. © Sarah Mirk | Flickr

Pharmac had announced last month that it would widen funding access to contraceptives. On Monday, the company confirmed that the activation will take place starting from November.

As reported by The New Zeland Herald, the move to make the devices free is expected to benefit around 21,000 New Zealand women. The devices have been available in New Zealand for a long time but at a huge cost: between $300 and $500.

Family Planning chief executive Jackie Edmond says it expects more women will choose them now they are free. “It means everyone, regardless of their income, can now choose a Mirena or a Jaydess as a contraceptive option. This is a great step forward for New Zealand – it’s something we have wanted for a very long time and we are delighted.”

New Zealand Associate Health Minister, Julie Anne Genter welcomed the decision. “I know, from talking to women and organisations like Family Planning, that price is a significant barrier to accessing contraception. Long-acting reversible contraception (LARCs) are both reliable and becoming increasingly popular as more people discover the benefits they offer.”

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