Fossil fuel companies to be held responsible for climate change

Filipino human rights committee report reveals that major fossil fuel firms may be held legally responsible for the impacts of their carbon emissions.

The head of a Philippines Commission on Human Rights panel has found out that the world’s most polluting companies could be sued for their contributions to global warming.

The commission has been investigating climate change for three years, tasked by Greenpeace South-East Asia and other local environmental groups to find out whether 47 of the world’s biggest fossil fuel firms – including Shell, BP, ExxonMobil and Total – were violating the rights of Filipino citizens.

The announcement was made by commissioner Roberto Cadiz during COP25 international climate talks in Madrid. Greenpeace Southeast Asia executive director Yeb Saño described the inquiry’s conclusions as a “landmark victory for climate justice”.

Yet to be published, the final report will state that these companies have clear legal and moral obligations to shift away from fossil fuels and shift to cleaner energy sources.

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