New safety system to be mandatory in EU vehicles

The new system can help prevent road crashes caused by fatigue or distraction.

German engineering and tech company Bosch is providing a safety system technology that will warn drivers if they are drowsy or distracted.

According to a CNN report, 30 percent of road crashes are caused by distraction, whether it’s the use of smartphone or just listening to music. Fatigue, on the other hand, is the cause of up to 20 percent of accidents.

Because of this data analysed by the European Commission, safety technologies will be required in new European vehicles by 2022. The new technology uses artificial intelligence and cameras that can detect if a driver’s eyelids are getting drowsy or when they are looking at their phone.

“Based on all this information, it can recognise if you’re getting tired because the frequency of your eyelids opening and closing gets much slower,” Annett Fischer, spokesperson for the Bosch interior monitor system, tells CNN Business.

There is then an alert system that recommends for drivers to take a break or reduce their speed.

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