India’s carbon emissions drop for first time in four decades

The country’s CO2 emissions fell by an estimated 15 per cent in March and are likely to have fallen per cent in April 2020.

India’s CO2 emissions have fallen for the first time since 1982 according to an¬†analysis by the environmental website, Carbon Brief.¬†

An economic slowdown, increase in the use of renewable energy, and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic have contributed to the reduction in the country’s carbon emissions.

In the fiscal year ending in March 2020, there was a fall in demand for thermal power generation because of lower demand and competition from renewable energy which steepened due to measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic, researchers said.

Studying oil, gas and coal consumption, researchers estimate that CO2 emissions fell by 30m tons in the year 2019-20, reported CNN.

Analysts said that the pandemic is only affecting India’s emissions in the short term but the disruptions caused by it could “catalyse, reinforce or accelerate the factors that have already been driving Indian policymaking in this area.”

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