Black Birders Week busts stereotypes

A group of young Black naturalists are highlighting Black scientists and nature enthusiasts through Black Birders Week, a series of events and activities.

The group of Black STEM professionals and students behind the concept share an online space called #BlackAFinSTEM.

According to CNN, they decided to focus on birders “when Christian Cooper, a Black birder in New York City, was threatened by a white woman in Central Park”.

¬†Anna Gifty Opoku-Agyeman, one of the organisers of the event says: “The importance is normalising the fact that Black people exist in the birding and natural sciences community. People don’t understand that Black people exist in other contexts other than the ones they’re exposed to. It’s to ensure other people see the impact of Black birders and naturalists, and gives them a chance to be seen.”

Many organisations such as the Audubon Society and the National Park Service have promoted Black Birders Week, introducing their audiences “to a whole realm of cool birds and new discoveries — and new faces that challenge and change science stereotypes”.

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