Australian mouse species, feared wiped out by bushfires, is found alive

The critically endangered native rodent was sighted in Kosciuszko national park.

The critically endangered smoky mouse, which was feared to have been wiped out by the recent bushfires, has been recorded by motion-sensor cameras in the Kosciuszko national park.

The NSW Office of Environment set up 58 cameras to monitor wildlife following the Dunns Road fire which devastated the region over the summer. The mouse was recorded at seven burnt-out sites across southern New South Wales

“We are relieved and delighted by this news as we were fearing the worst … as more than 90% of their habitat was burnt,” the NSW environment minister, Matt Kean, said to The Guardian.

“After such a confronting and challenging start to the year, it was a very happy moment to know a native animal already threatened with extinction has survived.”

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