UK’s first online grocery service in reusable packaging

To reduce single-use plastic, Loop will deliver 150 products from major brands in containers which can be returned, cleaned and refilled.

The new service by Loop, which is already established in the US and France, aims to change the way customers shop and consume household products amid concern about the global single-use plastic binge.

Customers can place online orders for food, drink and household essentials that normally come in single-use plastic packaging. Loop, in partnership with Tesco, will deliver these instead in durable, refillable containers that can be collected from the doorstep and cleaned for reuse up to 100 times, according to The Guardian.

The Loop scheme is run by the recycling company TerraCycle and focuses on online ordering, which has surged since the outbreak of the pandemic. At present,150 products from 35 major brands will be offered with more to be added.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, there has been an increased use of masks, gloves, visors and disposable wipes amid fears of contamination and recycling rates plummeted during the lockdown.

Tom Szaky, founder and chief executive of Loop and TerraCycle, said: “Loop was designed from the ground up to reinvent the way we consume by learning from historic circular and sustainable models like the milkman from yesteryear while honouring the convenience afforded by our single-use consumption of today.”

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