New study offers hope on climate crisis

Climate disaster could be curbed if net-zero emissions are reached, as per the study.

Rapidly eliminating planet-heating emissions could stabilise the global temperatures within a few decades which could give us time to adapt or implement technological solutions, according to a paper published in Nature Climate Change.

Under the Paris agreement, the world is committed to keeping global warming below 2°C to keep the devastating calamities at bay. The authors of the paper explained that cutting down the emissions would slow down the temperature rise.

“At the moment we are changing the temperature a hundred times faster than what happened in the last ice age,” said Andrew Dessler, a climate scientist at Texas A&M University and co-author of the paper, as reported by The Guardian. “An extra degree in a few hundred years is far less damaging than a degree in a few decades. The timescale is important.”

He further added that the goal of decarbonisation is crucial. “The problem is still very severe, we need to reduce emissions as fast as possible and we will deal with committed warming afterwards,” he said.

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