Pakistan lifts two-year trade ban with India as ties improve

The national government has lifted a nearly two-year ban on the trade of two major commodities with India.

What can be seen as the latest indication in the improving relations between the two South Asian rivals, the Pakistan government has lifted a nearly two-year ban on the import of sugar and raw cotton from India.

Finance Minister Hammad Azhar announced that in an attempt to combat spiking domestic prices, the government will allow the import of 500,000 tonnes of white sugar from India.

The Minister said that a trade ban on raw cotton will also be lifted  “by the end of June”.

This attempt to reopen trade comes after the Indian and Pakistani prime ministers exchanged letters in the last week, with Imran Khan saying, Pakistan “desire[s] peaceful, cooperative relations with all neighbours, including India”.

The Indian government has so far offered no comments on the decision.

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