Earthshot Prize winners announced by Prince William

Five innovators were each awarded a grant of £1m as part of a new global prize for the environment.

Prince William on Monday inaugurated the awards ceremony of the Earthshot Prize, a new environmental programme he launched through his charity The Royal Foundation earlier this year. The Prize aims to fund new ideas and technologies that are being developed to tackle the climate and biodiversity crises.

He was joined by actors and activists, such as Emma Watson, Emma Thompson, David Oyelowo, and Duchess of Cambridge Catherine in handing out the £1m awards to the five winners at Alexander Place in London.

The winners were the Republic of Costa Rica (Protect And Restore Nature Award), Indian company Takachar (Clean Our Air Award), land-based coral farm in the Bahamas Coral Vita (Revive Our Oceans Award), the northern Italian city of Milan (Build A Waste Free World Award), and joint Thai-German-Italian team for the AEM Electrolyzer (Fix Our Climate Award).

In a video pre-recorded for the ceremony, Prince William said: “We are alive in the most consequential time in human history. The actions we choose or choose not to take in the next 10 years will determine the fate of the planet for the next thousand.

“A decade doesn’t seem long, but humankind has an outstanding record of being able to solve the unsolvable … The future is ours to determine. And if we set our minds to it, nothing is impossible.”

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