All-women newsroom starts in Somalia

A ‘rare opportunity’ for female reporters to cover women’s issues

An all-women media outlet has been launched in Somalia, making way for female journalists to cover a wide range of women’s issues rarely published in the country.

The team aims to produce stories for broadcast on TV and radio, as well as online. Issues such as gender-based violence, women in politics, and female entrepreneurs will be front and center.

“We want to cover these issues and challenge societal beliefs that women should stay at home,” said the editor-in-chief, Nasrin Mohamed Ibrahim, who is also a founding member of the Somali Women Journalist Organisation.

The year-long project is funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) but it is aimed at making it a permanent set-up.

“We hope this will be a gamechanger for the Somali media scene, opening up new opportunities for women journalists and shining a light on subjects that have been ignored, particularly those that are important for women,” said UNDP representative Jocelyn Mason.

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