Solar energy community created in Barcelona

The community has a capacity to grow across the city.

A school and a residents’ association have worked together with the city council of Barcelona to establish a solar energy community.

Quatre Cantons, a secondary school, will have solar panels that supply power to the school and 30 more households in the area, resulting to a 25% cut in their electricity bill.

“Once it’s operational, the school will get 30% of the electricity generated,” says Cesar Ochoa, a maths teacher at the school who also sits on its sustainability committee. “That will supply only some of its needs, but this is just a pilot project. Obviously, during school holidays this energy will be available to whoever else needs it.”

The Barcelona city council has also committed to a five-fold increase in solar power by 2030.

“These energy communities are really special and they make it possible to find solutions that wouldn’t otherwise be viable, but it isn’t scalable for the whole city,” says Eloi Badia, Councillor for Climate Change and Ecological Transition. “In the end, the solution for Barcelona is for everyone to have solar panels on their roof.”

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