Avoid Getting Bored During Sex

People like sex to bring wonderful feelings, sex can bring people physical and spiritual double enjoyment, there are some people even if their work or life has been very busy, but they will still find some time to sexual activities, because it is an important way to maintain intimacy and couples love.

But as time goes by, you will gradually lose your passion during sex over and over again. If you lose your curiosity and freshness in sex, it is likely that sex will become boring and lack of passion.

Maybe you have tried many ways to increase the passion of sex, but I’m going to tell you some new ways to make sex more energetic may be able to make you more excited, here are some effective ways to help you away from sex boredom.

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1. Change Up the Foreplay

If you are bored or bored in sex, trying to enhance your foreplay can help a lot. Maybe your previous sex was always penetrative sex after kissing for a while and there was nothing new every time, you can try to add some new ways of foreplay.

There are many ways of foreplay, if only stay in kissing is too boring, you can try to play some sexy music, and then and your partner to have a sexy dance, you can dance with your partner while and each other and kiss, and then help her to take off each other’s clothes, so that you can enter the state of sex after a wonderful music.

Or do some fun sex games with each other, you can guess the fist, and then the loser take off a piece of clothing, this will make your foreplay become very sexy.

2. Alter the Ambiance

Trying different locations in your home can also add a lot of passion to your sex, try having sex in different rooms in your home, the kitchen can also be a very sexy place to have sex, kissing passionately with each other while you are cooking, touching your partner, putting food on each other’s body to taste, this way of foreplay can make sex very sexy.

Or have sex in the bathroom, the heat and warm water of the bathroom can add a lot of passion to sex, prepare some silicone based lubricants, they will ensure that you stay lubricated during bathroom sex and can effectively avoid any vaginal dryness.

It’s also important to add some sexy elements to your environment, you can dim the lights and light a few candles or have some ambient lighting. This will make you look even sexier, and you can also play some soothing and sexy music on your stereo, which will not only flirt with you, but also help you to relax better.

3. Incorporate Props

To make your sex more passionate, you can also try adding some sex toys to your sex, for women it is very difficult for them to orgasm through penetrative sex alone, so you look to also purchase some sex toys that will help them to add extra clitoral pleasure, which can make their probability of orgasm much higher.

There are many types of sex toys available, if you want to feel more G-spot pleasure you can try a G-spot vibrator, or if you want to try anal play you can buy some anal plugs or dildos etc, but most women prefer the pleasure of clitoral stimulation so I would recommend that you try a rose toy, it can give the clitoris a wonderful experience to experience and enjoy, and no woman will say no to the wonderful feeling of clitoral stimulation. No woman can resist clitoral stimulation. Buy the rose toy now and get a summer discount!

Some men may think that sex toys will take their place, but that’s not necessary, because sex toys are a different experience to sex partners, so embrace the sex toy.

4. Talk About Sex

If you don’t want sex to be boring then try talking about sex, communication plays a very important role in any relationship and it can also help you avoid making sex boring.

You can talk about each other’s preferences to find each other more like sex, in sex can be better to please each other, or you can also say what they encountered in the sex life is not satisfied with the place, want to partner to make changes for this, you can also communicate with your partner. Only by expressing yourself to each other can you enjoy a better sexual experience.

If you are not used to communicating with your partner about sex, you can also try to tell each other what is on your mind in the form of SMS or text messages, or you can send your partner some sex-related blogs so as to introduce relevant topics.

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