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The way that people communicate and find businesses online has changed significantly in the last twenty years. More people are choosing to find businesses online rather than through recommendations from other people. However, recommendations online can play a large part in whether or not a person chooses your business. 

Online recommendations can be even more important when getting your law firm seen and recommended. Whether you have a website or online presence, it has become vital that you are online to get your name known and for people to engage and see if you come recommended. 

You can do several different things to get your law firm known and create a relevant online presence, but one of the ways you can improve this is with SEO strategies for lawyers

By using some of these methods, you will not only increase the number of people coming to your website and potentially using your services, but you may also find that, due to how organic this is, people will look more into reviews and be more willing to use your services. 

Understanding SEO Strategies

When you first look at some of the SEO strategies for lawyers, they can seem complex; however, when broken down, they are not as intimidating. It is worth taking time to understand SEO in terms of law firms and marketing preferences to see how this will affect the way you run your online presence. 

Key Words 

One of the easiest ways most used by law firms is to optimize the language used on your website and other online accounts. By understanding and looking at which words are most searched and used in 2024, you can add these to your law firm’s online content. 

Using relevant words can push your law firm higher in the search engine lists when a keyword is searched for. Adding keywords can be done in many ways, such as looking for and researching which keywords are used when someone is searching for a law firm. Another way you can implement this is by using a reliable tool that can generate these words for you. 

You can use keywords in your homepage and subsequent pages leading from your website or in content that connects to your website or contact information. Having these different places linking this can also help build more of a customer base and bring more clients to your law firm. 


Relevant and current content created about or leading to your website can help bring more people to your site organically. Various types of content available with either a link or mention of your law firm will interest people and encourage them to follow you to see what you do. 

Having various forms of content across your web pages and social media presence, if you have one, allows people to interact with your law firm on a different level. Having your content across various forms of media online can also help link back to your website and law firm. 

Varying your content is important because different people will interact with different forms of content. If you make all of your content accessible and relevant, you will see more people searching for your company and visiting your website.

Using your content in a way that enhances your web presence and shows potential clients more about your law firm can also help generate more footfall on your website. 

Using keywords, as mentioned earlier, can also help build your ranking on a search engine, as more of your content and online work will be shown when a potential client uses a search engine. The higher you are on the search engine results, the more likely you are to be selected by a client. 

Link Building

Link building and backlinks can be used to link your website with other relevant sites. This can help build trust with potential new clients and other businesses. By having links to other websites and companies, you are showing that you can work with others and that you care about the community around you. 

Building links and backlinks can also help with SEO, as you can work with companies that use SEO, which will also benefit your law firm. Backlinks can also be classified as content for your site. Creating different content with companies and across different platforms can help create links and will again send people to your website and law firm when looking for a lawyer. 

Be User Friendly

One thing many people may not think of when using SEO is making things user-friendly. This could include making your website more user-friendly in terms of how you can move around it, the wording and phrases you use, or the design of your website and how easy it is to read. 

If your website is user-friendly and accessible to many different people, you will find that you have a higher client base and more people traveling through your website. 

Another way you can adapt your website and be found by more people is to make it mobile-friendly. 

Many people will use their cell phones to use a search engine rather than using a laptop or PC. If your website is not mobile-friendly, anyone trying to view it on a mobile device will find it more difficult to navigate around the page to get information. Difficulty navigating could discourage people from using your law firm.

When looking at how user-friendly you are, it is also worth looking at how quickly your page will respond when used in different settings. Whether your web pages work on a mobile device or Apple compared to an Android and how quickly and easily it responds and reacts will affect how long someone will view your page. 

Most people want a webpage to respond quickly so they can get the information they need.


There are many other SEO strategies for lawyers that you can use within your law firm SEO guide. SEO gives you a higher search engine result and encouraging more potential clients to view your website and company information. 

If you are interested in more information, you can find it using different SEO tools to help bring your web pages into 2024 with the best, optimized content.

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