Horse Racing Industry Adapted To Social Media Era

Horse racing is constantly evolving due to the growth in technology, and the social media platforms now available has enable the sport to breach new demographics.

The industry was slower than most when it came to the importance of accepting social media, but it has proven to be a powerful tool in growing not only the sport, but also the attendances at racecourses around the world.

Social media is now used readily across the sport, but what are some of the channels that have experienced the most success with the platform throughout recent years?

Racecourses Able To Grow

One of the biggest advantages that have come following the adaption of social media has been felt by racecourses within the sport. Courses across the world now have their own channels to market their biggest racedays, and offer help and guidance for customers that are looking to attend a meet at the course.

Social media has enabled courses to grow more organically with events easier to find than ever before, meaning that potential visitors no longer need to go out of their way to find a race day that they can attend.

As well as this, social media offers a platform for visitors and courses to interact, meaning that popular questions surrounding parking, entrance fees, and safety updates can be shared quickly and easily. Furthermore, social media enables racecourses to share information surrounding potential changes to the schedule quicker than ever before, meaning that they can post whether the ground at the course has changed, or whether a meeting has been cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.

Finding Welcome Offers And Sportsbooks

Social media is also a popular place to pick up welcome bonuses around the times of the biggest events on the schedule, with companies able to promote their posts to reach a greater number of customers.

This has had a direct impact on the horse racing industry, as bettors looking to make wagers on the action on track are likely to tune into the racing that they are wagering on, and they may even stick around the continue watching the sport moving forward.

Welcome offers are typically a way into the sport for novices when it comes to horse racing, but they often ensure that bettors get more for their money after signing up.

Sportsbooks have also taken social media into account when it comes to their marketing, with a growing number using the platform as a way to communicate with their players.

Not only that, but sportsbooks also such as TwinSpires have such a power social media campaign in terms of creating funny videos poking fun at other things that newcomers to betting are often inclined to gamble with them purely because of what they are doing on the socials.

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Race Replays

Watching every horse racing over the course of a day can be very challenging, especially given that there is action taking place across the world. However, social media has made it easier than ever for fans to stay in the loop when it comes to the major news within the sport, with full race replays also found on the platform when it comes to the notable races on the schedule.

This enables fans of the sport to watch the races back, and also interact with fellow minded fans regarding their views of the race, whether it be the underperformance of one runner or a superstar performance by the winner.

Social media can often be a cesspit when it comes to negativity, but the racing community is one of the kinder places when it comes to sharing views surrounding the sport and ideas surrounding how a race could play out.

This is a massive positive for social media and its role within the sport in this modern day, as it enables fans to communicate with each other to share what they think about big upcoming races, and how the tactical battles on track could play out.

Influencers On The Rise

A positive and negative in terms of social media and horse racing is the growing numbers of influencers that are given a platform. For the most part, pages such as the Racing Blogger and Josh Stacey are largely positives for the sport, encouraging younger fans to take steps into following the sport, highlighting exactly what you can expect to enjoy when going to the course, while also offers insightful information for those that are new to the game.

However, there are also negative examples of influencers on social media, who gamble irresponsibly, and often give out poor tips for their followers.

This could be extremely dangerous for those that are less experienced within the sport, and it could put them off the sport immediately if they find themselves losing big money quickly.

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