Importance of Foreplay

Foreplay is an important prerequisite for a good sex life, but some people don’t pay attention to the importance of foreplay, or people tend to feel shy and nervous about foreplay when a relationship is just starting.

But foreplay is very important, it can not only help you and your partner to better enter the sex state, but also can avoid pain or injury during sex, at the same time you and your partner will also in the foreplay to enhance your feelings, so that you become more intimate.

Want to have a better sexual experience with your partner? Try to make foreplay more important in your sex life, and as long as you maintain a positive attitude towards sex and good communication, you’re not far from perfect sex.

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Understanding the Importance of Foreplay

Men often have some misunderstandings about foreplay, because men’s physiology is different from women’s, men just need to be able to get an erection to be able to carry out normal sexual activities, while women are different, they need to spend a lot of time on foreplay, so as to achieve sexual arousal, and at the same time you need to set up a scene for the sexual activities of the other party, adjust the lighting, spray perfume in the room and so on, all of these are in order to allow women to enter into a better state of sexuality.

Foreplay has a very important meaning for both men and women, it is not only a good way for you and your partner to cultivate intimacy and improve the sexual experience, but also an important means for you and your partner to increase intimate connection.

Many studies have shown that foreplay stimulates the production of feel-good hormones, including oxytocin, which is a mood-enhancing and stress-reducing hormone that can help you feel better and closer to your partner.

So try the intimacy that foreplay can bring, it can effectively increase the intimacy between you and your partner and help you have a better intimate relationship.

Take Your Time

Maybe you are not used to foreplay, or your foreplay is very simple and boring, a situation that is obviously not conducive to your long-term relationship. You need to do something to make your foreplay more fun and exciting.

But you need to take your time when you are just starting out, trying something too sexy all at once may be uncomfortable for you and your partner, try starting with simple flirtatious text messages or saying simple words of love to build up your sense of anticipation for the sexual activity. Compliment each other’s bodies in general to increase their confidence, which can give you more courage to try new things.

After the other person gradually accepts the flirting, you can send some pictures with sexual innuendo or sexy photos of yourself, or add some kisses or intimate hugs when you meet, etc., and slowly develop some behaviors and habits in foreplay.

Many people also like to use sex toys in foreplay. If your partner also like clitoral stimulation to bring pleasure, then you can try the rose toy. It is a rose-shaped sex toy that can bring wonderful clitoral sucking pleasure, in foreplay to use the effect is very good.

Mutual Understanding of Sexual Needs

Before you start foreplay, you need to understand what the other person needs in foreplay, and what the other person’s fantasies and desires for foreplay are, and only in the case that you and the other person understand each other are you more likely to make each other a satisfying experience in foreplay.

For some women, they may not need penetrative sex to achieve sexual satisfaction, and foreplay this does not need to be inserted into the vagina of the way but precisely to meet all their needs, this time foreplay may not need to be called foreplay, it can also be when the sex itself, as long as you understand each other’s needs, whether it’s sex or foreplay, can become very wonderful.

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