Sex Makes You More Beautiful

Many people think that sex is just an activity that can bring pleasure, in fact, sex has many hidden benefits, and this benefit is greatly reflected in the female body, by performing more sexual activities, your hair and skin will become more beautiful, let me introduce you to the beauty benefits that sexual activities can bring to women.

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Keeps wrinkles at bay

In the aging process of women, wrinkles are the most obvious feature, people hate wrinkles because they make people look tired and old. And in modern society, people’s lifestyles have changed dramatically, and everyone inevitably develops some bad habits in their lives, such as sitting in a chair for a long time for long hours of work, or staying up late at night and lacking sleep, and some people start to smoke and drink alcohol, etc. These bad habits lead to wrinkles that can easily appear even in young people.

The good news, however, is that sex can help eliminate wrinkles because it promotes the body’s secretion of growth-promoting hormones, which help the skin maintain its elasticity and help eliminate wrinkles.

Adds a healthy glow

Having smooth and elastic skin is what every girl dreams of, maybe you have tried all kinds of skin care products or shower gel, but they often only let you disappointed, and sex can not only help you really enjoy the wonderful pleasure of sex and can make your skin become more delicate and elastic.

The more you have sex, the better your skin will look afterward, as sexual activity improves your circulation, promotes sweating, and allows you to clear toxins from your pores. Look in the mirror after sex and you will realize how beautiful your skin is in its natural state.

Keeps skin looking younger

The results of relevant studies show that regular sexual activity can make you look younger, and your skin and physical condition will age five to seven years. This is because during sex, our body will feel pleasure and joy, which will favor our body to release oxytocin, a hormone that can effectively fight aging, this hormone can only be produced when giving birth or having sex.

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Adds shine to hair

One of the most important reasons for a person to look aged is yellow and dry hair. Human hair gradually loses its original color and luster as it ages, and it also becomes dry and lacks moisture. If you want to improve the texture of your hair and make it look more beautiful, then sex will be your best choice. Sex can effectively increase the level of estrogen in a woman’s body, which will make the hair become more shiny and look more flowing and beautiful.

Boosts collagen

Our skin needs collagen to keep elasticity and fullness, but collagen is not produced constantly, the collagen in our body will become less as we age, when a person starts to age gradually, he will find that his skin starts to become drier and older, which is the result of the loss of collagen.

Sex promotes the production of more estrogen in the body, which will help a woman to produce more collagen and thus get a good skin condition. Also there is another way that sex can help us improve our skin and that is to try a sperm facial. Many studies have found that semen is rich in arginine, an antioxidant ingredient, and as the essence of aging is actually oxidation, this material is effective in preventing aging and gives smoother skin.

Helps burning extra calories

Sexual activity is similar to aerobic exercise such as running, and sex can be intense or gentle. Either way, it promotes muscle movement, and keeps your body moving on a regular basis, which not only builds your strength, but also works the muscles in various parts of your body, such as your thighs, arms, and waist and stomach muscles. Exercising these parts of the body can effectively stimulate the body to burn fat, your fat will become less fat, and muscle lines will be more beautiful.

The calories burned from sex will make it easy for you to stay in good shape and maintain a good level of libido. It has a very positive effect on our health.

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