SJN – LEDE Fellowship

We are excited to announce that INKLINE is one of the 21 fellows of Solutions Journalism Network’s LEDE Fellowship.

What is the LEDE Fellowship?

LEDE fellowship is Solutions Journalism Network’s first programme allowing journalism entrepreneurs to create and lead projects that spread solutions journalism in their communities.

What is our project?

Often described as the biggest challenge of our generation, the climate crisis is already having an impact on people’s lives. But, as scary as this may sound, the reality is not all doom and gloom; movements are arising across the globe, citizens and organisations even pushing governments to take immediate action – to prevent climate breakdown.

As an international media platform, we want to highlight community projects and initiatives that are focussing on fighting for future generations and are working towards developing mitigation techniques.

We are currently producing in-depth solutions-based stories across all key geographical regions; to give our readers a flavour of the different strategies that are being developed across the world. You can find the stories that have already been published here:

Africa: Homemakers in Mali are making a conscious shift to sustainable, environment-friendly kitchen products to tackle the climate crisis and their financial struggles. Find out more in this longread by Soumaïla Diarra.

Asia: Through a global effort and various initiatives, saving peatlands in Indonesia and across the globe can now be a reality. Find out more in this longread written by Nithin Coca.

Europe: Weave together anarchistic philosophy, the cryptocurrency mining process and open-source technology, and there lays a solution for sustainable agriculture. Find out more in this longread written by Inbar Preiss.

South America: Mapuche communities in Chile are showing that the knowledge of their elders may hold the key to a sustainable future. Find out more in this longread written by Francisco Parra Galaz.

In parallel to these features, we are also running workshops in India, the Philippines and the UK to find out why climate change solutions are not more prevalent in the news and to identify ways to tackle those barriers. You can find the report from our first workshop in the UK here.