INKLINE is an international media platform that features positive news (solution-focused, no fluff), interviews with go-getters championing sociocultural causes, and various sources of inspiration (from book reviews to film insights) — all to show the diversity, beauty, and goodness of our world.


Generation Y has been brought up on the core idea that the discovery of one’s passion ultimately leads to the fulfilment of life’s purpose; that we’re all bound to change the world in one way or another. But for all we know, how many of us do give chase? How many of us have been lucky enough to realise what our true passions are? And how many of us lucky ones have had the opportunity to turn our causes into reality? Easier said than done, right? That’s what we thought too.

INKLINE aspires to be a source of inspiration and motivation for emerging adults across the globe who are out there in search of meaningful, solutions-focused, and impactful stories.


Portia Ladrido is a multimedia journalist specialising in social justice and culture. She is a 2018 human rights journalism fellow at the Philippine Human Rights Information Center and the Metro Manila hub coordinator of the Solutions Journalism Network. She’s endlessly interested in the nexus of journalism and development work, and also believes strongly in the value of the arts.

Nikhil Sreekandan is a journalist with a desire to explore life through the stories he chases. An engineer who found recluse in the world of words, he is a journalism post-graduate from Cardiff University. He works as a Content Editor at Nature inFocus, India’s leading platform for nature and wildlife. When not lost in cinema, contemporary literature or his earphones — there is a genuine attempt at ‘giving chase’, and it is beautiful.

Julia Migné is a multimedia journalist and wildlife photographer specialising in environmental issues and odd hobbies. She has written for Africa Geographic and BBC Wildlife among others. An endless traveller, she swears that she would visit one country for each letter of the alphabet.

Aisiri Amin is a journalist who writes about culture, politics, lifestyle, gender and social justice. She has written for Little India Magazine and The Hindu and currently works in the development sector. Social wallflower and an idealist at the core, she lives on books, tea and hope (in that particular order).

We are based in England, UK but our contributors are practising journalists from all over the globe. If you want to contribute for INKLINE – no matter where you are in the world – feel free to contact us at hello@the-inkline.com.